CASh episode 6: When They Say ‘Prove You Can Help!’

What do you do when you’re talking with a potential client… And they throw this at you:

“Prove that you can help me.”

Also: How do you know if your prospect is ready for a proposal? You’ve had that happen to you, I’m sure, when a prospect says, “Send us a proposal.”

And you send it.

And you never hear from them again.

How can you know if they’re blowing you off – or if they really want to know how you can help them?

And also, have you ever been asked to put together a capabilities deck? And did you?

Should you? If you don’t, is there a better way move this conversation towards a closed deal?


We talk about all this and more in The Client Alchemy Show 6! Watch it now:

If you’re ready for help, let’s speak: 




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