How Adam suddenly sold a $40k project. Then a $30k one, too.

Sales is leadership.  And it is entirely learnable.

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 is the first LIVE Q&A coaching call for our “Elegant Sales Conversation” customers.  (ESC)

Enroll today – and you get FOUR live bonus calls with me over the next six weeks.

Not only can you learn to lead an Elegant Sales Conversation, but a small number of high-impact skills give you 90% of all you need.

They are the “critical 10% of skills that make you look brilliant 90% of the time.”

And in my training “How to Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation,” you learn ONLY those skills.

Because when you’re as busy as you are – the best thing I can do is help you strike at the root, where the masses are hacking at the leaves.  You don’t need a masters in sales or NLP or psychology or whatnot.

All you need is what Adam needed…

Adam S. was having conversations with past clients.

But they’d pigeonholed him as a consultant who does X.  They needed Y.  So they wouldn’t hire him for it.

Adam KNEW he could help them with Y, but nothing he said convinced them!

But then he got our Elegant Sales Conversation (ESC) training.

A few weeks later, he reported to me that he’d sold a $30,000 project to one client and a $40,000 project to another.

What made the difference? I asked.

The difference was learning to LEAD the sales conversation the way you teach in the ESC training,” he said.

Most sales training is about scripts, and tricks and gimmicks.

This is different.

You learn to *see* beyond what your prospect SAYS – to what they MEAN.

You learn to strike at the root, where most hack at the leaves.

You learn to lead, where most try to convince.

Go get my full 7 part training called:  “How to Elegantly Control Your Next Sales Conversation.”

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If you’ve been on any of my live coaching calls, you know that I tend to thrive in real time; answering tough questions in a way that saves you months and years of figuring it out on your own.

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