How to elegantly answer the “BUT do you have experience in OUR industry?” question.


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If you're selling a service of any kind, or even many products, you're going to come across the person who asks "BUT do you have experience in OUR industry?" You know, something like, "We're looking for someone with at least five years experience in lobster farming."

You KNOW that you can get the result they're after. But you don't have the particular experience they insist on.  How do you elegantly move to a closed deal?

When you're in a sales conversation with someone, you MUST be able to spot what REALLY lurks beneath your prospect's questions.

There's only one way to do that:  A sales conversation has an underlying structure.  Learn to see that structure, and you'll never lose control again.

This isn't a trick, or a gimmick. This is about altering your thinking.

Altering thinking is one of the things we do in our Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint program.

If you’re good at what you do, but you’ve hit a ceiling - and you’re not consistently attracting your ideal clients - take a look at the 100 Day Sprint program.



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