How to Train Anyone to Be Your Salesperson – in 90 seconds or less

Have you ever been to Traffic & Conversion or any other big, industry-specific conference? 

The information is useful, but it’s the opportunity to meet potential clients that make these events really valuable.

T&C attracts thousands.

But even when there’s only a few hundred attendees, you can’t possibly get to meet them all.

So how can you leverage your reach at a big event?

I put together this brand new free training on how to multiply your reach.

Elegantly. Effectively. In a way that establishes credibility and confidence.

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PS – Wait!  You’re not planning to attend a conference any time soon?

I developed this approach back in the days when I was part of a networking group (BNI),

It’s a simple method to train anyone to send you qualified referrals.

You train them in 90 seconds.

And they instantly have an elegant, conversational, no-pressure way to send you more referrals.












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Dov Gordon

Dov Gordon helps consultants and coaches get clients - consistently.