“I left the firm to go solo.” But then she found –

“I was working with a management consulting firm in the HR and IT space.  I really enjoyed looking at processes and improving companies.  But I really wanted to help improve the people working those processes.

“When I realized I wouldn’t be able to work the way I wanted, I left the firm to go solo.”

On her own, ‘Emma Smythe’ got some clients. But it wasn’t enough.

When we first spoke, she told me, “I’ve been successful in doing some projects, but my problem is that it’s very hard to get behind the walls of organizations.  I need more exposure to my ideal clients.  And when I reach them, I need to know how to better speak to them.”

When you just want to do good work and make a difference, the marketing and sales game can be frustrating.

You left the corporate world to avoid their games… only to find yourself shackled by this other game.

Because we may not like it, but it’s true:  

People don’t buy the products and services that are best for us.  We buy the products and services that are best marketed and sold to us.

Emma enrolled to get my help.

Together, we:

  • Clearly defined her ideal clients.  Who they are. How to find them. How to sell to them.
  • Perfected her offer into one she could talk about with confidence in.
  • Taught her how to elegantly lead her sales conversations.
  • Designed a daily, simple marketing plan for her to follow.

Yes – we did all that (and more) in about 4 weeks.

(It’s amazing what you can do – when you do only the things that matter.)

Two weeks later, Emma posted this in our clients-only forum:

“My quarter started better than I could’ve imagined!  Just wanted to share my success after not even two weeks:  €5.000 worth of revenue, that’s 2 entirely new clients and 1 addition to an existing one. The new clients are talking about extending from there with possible €10.000 programs each (!), that’s a big deal for me, believe me.

“These were pre-planned appointments.  Yet the attitude/mindset with which I had these conversations…THAT’s what made the difference. I sat there with a new view, and MET THEM WHERE THEY WERE (thanks for drilling that one home Dov).”

There’s nothing I love more than helping someone get paid for doing great work with great clients.

And whether you’re working to get from $0 to $100k – or from $100k to $500k. – if you’re frustrated with your progress, we can help.

Grab a 15 minute slot on my calendar for us to get to know each other.

Together, we’ll figure out if I can help you get your ideal clients. Consistently.

Dov Gordon

PS – ‘Emma Smythe’ is a graduate of our You: A Force To Be Reckoned With! coaching program. 

In 4 weeks, Force! takes you from ad-hoc, haphazard marketing to a simple plan that brings you ideal clients. 

We’re opening registration for the next SMALL group soon.  Stay tuned…  

And let me know if you want early details.

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