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Do your sales conversations ever go off the rails?!  Never again!
How to Elegantly Lead
Your Next Sales Conversation

This will change - forever - what happens when you talk with a potential client.
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From Dov Gordon:

Do you find yourself talking to people who really need your product or service, but the sales conversation gets away from you - and you don't get the business?

Are one or more of these true for you in your sales conversations?

• Your sales conversation lacks a 'flow.' You tend to "wing it." But you need to learn how to elegantly lead it.

• You want to feel more confident when speaking to a prospect; you want to feel like a true equal, not like a vendor

• You want to feel a natural, pleasant confidence when stating your price

• You want to think in the moment and respond quickly, naturally and elegantly to whatever a prospect says

Our training, "How to Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation," 
is the answer for anyone who feels they're winging it.

"This course has totally changed everything in how I think about conversations. I feel so comfortable, and totally in integrity, and that I'm just there to offer value." 
Mandy Swift

Most sales training is all about scripts, clever questions, trial closes and closing. 

They're about 'getting' someone to buy. They're full of superficial tips and techniques that feel forced, unnatural and uncomfortable.

But this Elegant Sales Conversation (ESC) training is very different. In the ESC you will quickly master fundamental thinking and language skills. Basic, universal, ways of thinking and listening that help you hear what beyond what your prospect SAYS to what he MEANS.

It's a form of legal mind-reading. Legal, because you'll be mastering simple, powerful skills rooted in timeless human psychology - with zero reliance on tricks.

In the Elegant Sales Conversation, you lead, with a soft touch. You will have a plan, a process, for the conversation. But your mastery of fundamental principles and simple skills will enable you to improvise. To go with the flow, and still lead.
"I was able to change an exploratory $4,000 little job into a closed $20,000 piece of business... Having the structure of the [sales] conversation helped me take control of the conversation and take the client where I wanted her to go. I was able to say - I can build real value for them, plus get the results they actually really need...
Raj Varatharajan

Master The Elegant Sales Conversation:
When you're done with this program, you'll know:
• The structure of the Elegant Sales Conversation - so you never wing it again
• The secret to confidence in the sales conversation
• What to do if you're not talking to the real decision maker
• When to talk and when to shut up

• How to never again talk about price too soon

• How to overcome neediness - the greatest sales killer. This is not easy. It's a mind game you need to play with yourself. I'll teach you the rules - you need to practice them.

• How to hear what your prospect is leaving unsaid... And use that insight to close the deal
• How to get a quick decision without false scarcity
• How to know when to cut your losses and invest your time elsewhere
• How even an introvert like me - and you? - can be never at a loss for words in a sales conversation

• How to handle - with poise - those inevitable uncomfortable, queasy moments

• The virtues of being respected - over being liked. And the small things that make this big difference
What this is NOT about:
X Sneaky tricks to 'get' people to buy
X Mindless scripts for you to memorize
"I followed your Elegant Sales Conversation outline and they promptly walked out of my office, found the money and brought it today. (And I butchered your was my first attempt at using it).

If I learn NOTHING else, you've already shown me something very significant: Ask for what you want and what you're worth...people will find a way to get the money if they want the result." 
Steve Gordon (no relation)
The Elegant Sales Conversation Training Includes:

✔️ 7 audio training sessions (mostly over an hour), delivered over 6 weeks

✔️ 5 supplementary accompanying mini-manuals

✔️ Case studies and examples

✔️ Lifetime access to our 'ESC Tips' series with deep dive examples and continuing education

✔️ New: Once you've completed the training, you can book a 30 minute bonus one-on-one sales coaching call with Dov Gordon, cementing your new Elegant Sales Conversation skills.

"While using the Elegant Sales Conversation, we learn a lot more about the client. We're now able to reshape our offerings to meet the kinds of obstacles that have been coming up in our client's situation. That has been a huge difference for us." 
Marian Powell

It's time to change - forever - what happens when you talk with a prospect.

How to Elegantly Lead
Your Next Sales Conversation
ESC Basic Offer:
All 7 Training and Q&A Sessions
  • Audio downloads + supporting slides and worksheets
  • Delivered via email over 6 weeks
  • 30 minute one-on-one sales-coaching call with Dov Gordon
ESC Platinum Offer:
All 7 Training and Q&A Sessions + Bonuses:
  • Audio downloads + supporting slides and worksheets
  • Delivered via email over 6 weeks
  •  30 minute one-on-one sales-coaching call with Dov Gordon
  • Bonus Sales Review: Dov will review a recording of you leading a sales conversation and send you personalized feedback. See below for more information.
More about the PLATINUM OPTION:
Want me to listen to YOU leading a sales conversation and give you PERSONALIZED feedback?

Some of my clients had huge breakthroughs after I listened to a recording of their sales conversation, and gave them personalized feedback.

I don't think I need to emphasize what a tremendous difference this kind of customized feedback can make for you. And how it can cut weeks off your learning curve. That means more sales, sooner! Worth the little extra? I think so. If you agree, then pick the Platinum Option above to get the Bonus Sales Review.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Enroll today. Go through the training and do the homework.  If you do the work by Day 30 and it isn't helping you better lead your sales conversations let us know and you'll get a full refund.
"Your gentle but firm and insightful principles and comments serve me very well thank you. Best business training investment I've ever made, bar none, by miles. 

I'm enormously grateful to you. Thank you for being you and putting your gifts out there for people like me." 
Bradley Schmidt
A personal message from Dov:
If you're serious about turning your expertise into a thriving business, you can't afford to miss the skills you'll learn in "The Elegant Sales Conversation."

You'll want the entire suite of advanced sales elegance to keep you from ever again giving away free consulting... and enroll them as clients instead.

Try it now. You have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

“The Elegant Sales Conversation really taught me how to meet people where they are and bring them forward to the place that they want to go, when most of the time they’re not even sure themselves.”

"As a result of this course I landed my largest client to date… I’m actually turning business away. I’m in a different world now"

Jerry Cooper

“…I’ve never lost control of a call since. It was a simple, elegant solution that worked.”
Tom Zeeb

“This is what makes prospects feel you understand them - and then they want to buy from you.”
Kyle Hunt

“This program helps you also understand WHY things work when they do. So there's nothing to memorize and you easily connect with your clients."”
Marica Welsh

“I was able to accelerate and have a good valued conversation in a way that didn’t feel forced or clunky or obvious, and as a result everyone’s happy...made a great sale, and actually paid for the coaching program 4 days after signing up.”
Will Swayne