Sometimes you don’t need coaching… but “coaching lite” would be perfect

“I don’t need high-priced coaching right now.  But some ‘coaching-lite’ would be perfect.  
…Where can I find that with someone I trust?”

There’s a time for coaching that’s all-in.

But there’s also a time for “coaching-lite” – where you have access to courses and training on relevant skills,
+ an experienced leader who will answer your questions,
+ a small community of other doers so you can compare notes and learn from each other.

Oh…  and with no long term commitment!

Does this resonate?

If yes, then read on!

By now, you’ve likely found my free material to be thought-provoking and helpful.

You may have noticed that I’m not driven by a desire to grow and scale my business.  This offers many advantages – both for me and for you.

I WANT to keep it small while working with people I enjoy.  And have time-freedom as well.

And so I can serve you in ways that a coach who wants to grow and scale can’t afford to do.  (And probably isn’t interested in, either.)

And so, for a VERY limited time, I’m taking a small number of people into my “coaching-lite” program.

It includes:

  • Thousands of dollars of training that you can digest all at once, or visit on an as-needed basis.
  • 1-1 live coaching with me
  • Personal feedback on your progress

The price is a bargain.

Why?  I’ll explain when you message me and tell me a bit more about yourself.

I may suggest we get on a quick call, because I need to be sure this is right for you – AND for me.

NOTE:  When you get in touch, I will make NO attempt to “sell” you on this.  

Even if I was someone who likes to “hard sell”, it just not worth my time.  Someone who has to be “sold” is, by definition, not a fit for this.


  • If you are building a business on the back of your valuable skills and experience
  • If you market and sell B2B
  • If you feel you’d gain from clarity about your business model, refinement in your marketing and selling processes, your offers, etc. 
  • And if you don’t need full-on coaching, but “coaching-lite” would be perfect

THEN… click here to learn about my Pay-As-You-Go Coaching.

Dov Gordon