What should I charge?

“Don’t leave money on the table!”

“Raise your fees!”

“You can charge as much as you want.  You’re worth it!”

The old question “What should I charge?” gets you all kinds of confusing advice.

For newer consultant/coaches, wringing their hands about “What can I charge?” leads to paralysis.

You don’t move as fast as you should with an offer, a proposal, next steps.  You agonize – and you lose.

For more experienced consultant/coaches, the question is usually about breaking through to your next level:

“Should I raise my fees?  If I do, will I lose my clients?  How can I start charging for value rather than by the hour?”  Questions like that.

The ‘guru’ types thrive on giving one-size-fits all advice.  When they speak with absolute certainty, we figure they *must know.*  We’re dazzled by their confidence.

However, that’s until you try to follow their advice.

That’s when you break yourself against it.

You charge too little – and you end up bitter about the client.

Or you quote too high – and you kick yourself for losing a project you would have been happy to do for less.

Aargh.  That frustrating question!  “What should I charge?!”

Here’s my take…

It’s absurd to think you can just charge whatever you want for anything “because you’re worth it.”

Price for consulting/coaching is a function of:

– Your own self-confidence

– Your own business objectives at the time

– The value to your client

For Consultant Jack, the answer will be different from Consultant James.

And for Consultant James, the answer today may be different from the answer six months ago.

Don’t fall for one-size-fits-all pie-in-the-sky guru advice.

When you’re working to build a consistent flow of ideal clients, you need common sense.  Practical guidance.  For YOU.

And that’s what we do in our Plenty of Clients programs.  Have you looked into it recently?

You should take a closer look.

We now have two options:

1.  The Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint.

2.  And the Plenty of Clients Accelerator.  (A way to get our help for less than the 100DS.  If you want details, email me.  It’s new and we don’t yet have information on the site.)

We don’t do big launches.  We don’t do big courses.

We help YOU do the critical 10% that gives you 90% of what you want.

We help YOU strike at the root, where everyone is hacking at the leaves.

That’s why I get emails like this one.  Totally unsolicited – more than a year after this client finished working with us. (Used with permission, of course.)

Hey, I want YOU sending me an email like this soon! Enable images so you see what I mean.

Dov Gordon

PS – If you’re unsure if you qualify – or if you’re unsure if one of our Plenty of Clients programs will give you what YOU are missing, reach out.










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