A SIMPLE marketing plan will bring you all the clients you want.
...even if right now, you have no idea where your next clients are coming from.
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One of the hardest things about running your own consulting business is not knowing where your next clients are coming from.

It's even worse when you're working really hard, but your marketing is not adding up to ideal clients.

It all feels haphazard.  There's no plan.  And you're going in many directions, but not moving forward.

My guess is you're not afraid of hard work.  You just want to know you're working hard on the right things.

Instead, you're overwhelmed.

And if you are overwhelmed, you're probably over-complicating.

What you need is a plan.  A SIMPLE plan.  A plan that works with your personality and takes you to your business goals.

How did you get here, anyway?
You got here because once upon a time you thought to yourself:

"Hey. I'm really good at ____.  And I want to do my thing my way.  The best I can.  A corporate job won't allow me that freedom.  So I'm going to go out on my own and become a consultant."

Very quickly you were gobsmacked by the harsh reality:  You can be world-class at what you do.  And still not have all the ideal clients you want.

Confused, you went online looking for help.  "How do I get clients?"

And that's when you fell down the marketing rabbit hole.

Months or years later, in between a project here and there, you're trying to figure out:
- rebranding
- podcasting
- evergreen webinars
- Facebook Ads
- LinkedIn
- writing your book
- speaking
- and on and on and on...

And that's brought you to where you are today:  Working hard, but without a real plan.

And not knowing where your next clients will come from.

Despite all of this - you really deserve some credit:  Because you've managed to build something of a business!

You know you have a long way to go, but recognize this - if you have clients here and there - you've done better than most.

And the only reason you're not yet where you want to be, is because of all the well-meaning advice you've been fed.

Well-meaning, but wrong for you.

Surely, it must be more simple.

Well, it is.  When you realize you've been bogged down in the tactics.
Tactics vs. A Plan
A tactic only works when it's holding its rightful place in a plan.

Your Bentley has amazing acceleration.  But not when you take it off-road.

Same thing with your tactics.  Facebook Ads, writing a book, LinkedIn, podcasting, speaking, etc.  These all work - as long as they're "holding" their rightful place in a simple plan.

And what is a simple plan?
The Five Pillar Plan Every Consultant Needs
During just the first four weeks of the program, you'll..
1. Pinpoint Your Ideal Clients

Your business - and your life - is rewarding when you serve your ideal clients.  They appreciate you.  And they can pay you well.  This is critical because the rest of your plan depends on knowing exactly who you want as a client.

That's why in our coaching, we first help you pinpoint exactly the clients who are best for you. With this clarity and focus, you'll be able to build everything else with them in mind.

2.  Stand-out Messaging.

When you sound like everyone else, your ideal clients assume you can't help them.  Just like everyone else couldn't help them.  That's why it is critical that you talk about what you do in a way that makes them say "Wow.  I've never heard anyone present it like that!"

We help you develop messaging that makes you stand out.  Your ideal clients will immediately see that you are different.  And want to know how you can help them.
No more groping for words to describe what you do.

3.  Lead Your Sales Conversations.

Sales is leadership. When you 'wing it' in your sales conversations, you lose control.  And when you lose control, that ideal client you worked so hard to meet assumes that, sadly, you can't help them after all.

To elegantly lead your sales conversations, you don't need scripts.  You need only a handful of simple skills.  With our help, you will quickly master those skills.  And you'll find it suddenly easy to lead every sales conversation.

4.  'Easy Yes!' Offers

After an elegant sales conversation, your ideal client feels excited. They want to know what you recommend.  How you might help them?

At this point, you're so close to a deal.  But how you package and present what you can do will now make all the difference.

When you get this right, you'll be very, very well paid - and your clients will be very, very happy to pay.

That's why we help you formulate your own "Easy Yes!" offers - whether you offer something on the spot, or in a proposal.

5.  Your SIMPLE Daily Marketing Plan

Now that you've got your foundation in place (everything above) it's time for a simple daily marketing plan - which you can execute in about an hour.

In the past, the majority of your clients probably came from some kind of relationship.  A referral.  Or someone you met.  Or someone who met you.

The problem is it's not consistent.  It's not predictable.

That's why we design your SIMPLE plan just for you, and for consistency! Which means you will only need to be working the plan an hour or so a day, to bring in your ideal clients.  

You: A Force To Be Reckoned With
A coaching and training program for experts, consultants and coaches. 
"Force!" gives consultants a simple, custom plan to get more clients, more income and more freedom. Financial freedom. Personal freedom. And joy.

Faster than you'd think possible, you'll build a custom marketing plan that feels good, is simple to execute... and that brings you your best clients. 

When you are a Force To Be Reckoned With:
You only go after the clients you really want. No more settling.

You consistently identify these ideal prospects.
You easily earn their attention and interest.
You get plenty of 'at-bats' - conversations with perfect prospects for you.
You close with great new clients. Consistently.
Dov Gordon
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My name is Dov Gordon.
And while I'm an excellent coach and consultant, getting clients didn't come naturally to me.
For years, I struggled to find the people I could help.  And when I found them, they often wouldn't 'get' how I could help them.

For years, I thought the answer was, "I must not know enough!"  

So I got the next book, the next course, the next shiny object that promised to fix things for me.

And then one day I had an epiphany: "Dov," I said to myself, "you could study marketing and sales your entire life and still not cover a fingernail's worth of what there is to know.  It can't be that you don't know enough!  It must be something else!  But what?!"

It was then that I discovered that there are two paths to thrive as a consultant, coach or expert:

The Path of the Charismatic Guru vs. The Path of Mastery.

I was stuck on the first.  It overwhelmed me and wasn't working.

But I belonged on the second.

As soon as I got where I belong, I found my voice, my plan, and my clients found me.

It wasn't long before other consultants - somewhat enviously - demanded to know: "HOW did you get the CEO of THAT company as a client!?"

Eventually, I shifted my focus to helping other consultants, experts and firms - who are great at what they do.  But getting clients doesn't come so easily to them.

And now, I'd like to lead you on a four-week intensive.  We call it "You: A Force to Be Reckoned With!"
Read what other consultants have to say:
Susan Kleinschmidt
"The biggest difference with the work I did [with Dov] is you’re designing and building a process that fits you, your own personality and your own business."
Jeff Munn
"Dov is great at stripping this one month program to only the ESSENTIALS. So you stay focused and on task, and you know you have personalized help whenever you need it."
Chavah Golden
"BOOM! After 4 weeks, I know my audience, I've designed a program. I have never experienced anything like The Alchemist Entrepreneur. Personal attention? I can’t count the ways I have received coaching and feedback.  And not just any coaching and feedback, but Insightful and SPOT ON. Direct and clear. Said and done. You guys are simple and clear geniuses"
Sheldon Mayer
"While many are satisfied once they get your credit card, and happy if you drop the ball and don’t bother them, Dov is not happy and he and Shayna will push you until you are clear in your approach and on the path of success"
Troy Martin is a different kind of consultant: He helps people retrofit their homes with central vacuum cleaning systems.

Troy took over a family business from his father, but he wanted to transition to a different sort of client.

But the clients he enjoyed working with the most were harder to find and harder to convert.

Together we devised a plan that is...

Elegant. Repeatable. Even enjoyable.

Force! takes you from ad-hoc, haphazard marketing to a simple plan that brings you ideal clients.
The First Four Weeks Include...
4 weeks of assignments and accountability. 

"Force" is NOT a 'training' or a 'course.' Each week, I will give you very specific tasks to build your direct-to-the-client marketing system, with supporting videos, spreadsheets and more.

You will do the tasks (and if you don't, you'll hear from us about it!).  And then join our small-group calls.
Weekly small-group video calls with 1-1 coaching

On the calls, you will get 1-1 coaching from me, personally - to help you create the best system possible.

Force! is all about getting it done.  Quickly.  Ready to implement in 4 weeks or less.

Your own thread in our private forum (NOT a Facebook group!)

You do some work and post it in your thread.  I review your work and reply with detailed feedback and guidance.

See the "Behind the Scenes Video" for examples.

BONUS: How To Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation

To help you lead those conversations to closed business, I want you to have this training, as well.

This 7+ hour training is loved - even by clients with millions of dollars in sales behind them. These skills are life-changing.  And they're taught in a way that makes them simple and crystal clear for you to master them.
BONUS: Plenty of Clients Mastercourse

This is the very same training I use with my private clients, and that we've sold separately for thousands of dollars to hundreds of clients. Zero fluff.  100% nuanced substance. You get this the entire training suite of videos, workbooks, templates and more, free - with lifetime access.

PLUS a full year of continuing support!

See 'How Much Support Do We REALLY Give?' below.

100% Happiness Guarantee

More details below.
Become a Force To Be Reckoned With:
You: A Force To Be Reckoned With!
Build your SIMPLE 'direct-to-the-client' marketing plan.
Enjoy personalized guidance like no where else!
$4,899 value
Elegant Sales Conversation Training
7+ hour training ensures you never again 'wing it' in a sales conversation.  Elegantly lead ideal clients to say "Yes!" to working with you.
$497 value
Plenty of Clients Mastercourse
This is the exact training we use with our $10k clients.  And we've also sold it on it's own for $2k. Zero fluff, 100% practical.
$1,997 value
After-Program Support ($197/month value)
Remain a member of our Oasis Forums. We answer your questions there and on our live monthly calls.  You also brainstorm with your colleagues on the same path.
365 days - $2,364 value !!!
100% Happiness Guarantee:
Details below!
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Total Real Value:
$10,257 value
Single Payment
$1,994 + 
5 payments of $774
You: A Force To Be Reckoned With!
Build your SIMPLE 'direct-to-the-client' marketing plan.
Enjoy personalized guidance like no where else!
$4,899 value
Elegant Sales Conversation Training
7+ hour training ensures you never again 'wing it' in a sales conversation.  Elegantly lead ideal clients to say "Yes!" to working with you.
$497 value
Plenty of Clients Mastercourse
This is the exact training we use with our $10k clients.  And we've also sold it on it's own for $2k. Zero fluff, 100% practical.
$1,997 value
After-Program Support ($197/month value)
Remain a member of our Oasis Forums. We answer your questions there and on our live monthly calls.  You also brainstorm with your colleagues on the same path.
365 days - $2,364 value !!!
100% Happiness Guarantee:
Details below!
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Total Real Value:
$10,257 value
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Single Payment
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or, pay
$1994 + 
5 payments of $774
Jaap van den Eersten
"Even before completely finishing a rough version of my marketing system, three leads dropped in my lap... Each sales conversation was a pleasant constructive experience where the prospect at some point asked me 'What do you recommend?' ... just as you predicted. Beyond pleasant it was also successful; I closed two out of the three deals...

Many, many thanks for these magic weeks, and looking forward to more magic to come!"
Clarke Ching
"Sales and Marketing, for me, always felt like the first time I visited one of those big Chinese restaurants where the waitresses wheel trolleys of enticing dishes but you have to choose what you want...

Dov and his colleagues, asked what I liked and didn’t like, and how hungry I was, then helped me choose the marketing/sales dishes that would be the most useful for me. I genuinely feel like I'm a new person."
Faroshia Bergraaf-Ashley
"During Force! it became clear that Dov and his team do things different. Real interest and interaction in the closed group, on their own platform, not some FB group. Personal, individualized tracking of your results. You better not be late on an assignment because Shayna will hunt you down…in a good and friendly way ;-). You know you'll be held accountable and that's the 1st time I've seen this executed as promised."
Alicia Berberich
"I am notoriously bad at finishing programs I sign up for (bright shiny objects syndrome coupled with busy family schedule). Overall, Force! is one of the best programs I’ve done in terms of being able to use the material right away and having a major impact on my business. I would highly recommend this program."
Tony Mazzotti
"For me, it’s been a massive shift. Massively useful.   It’s the difference between sounding like everyone else and sounding like someone who cares, who can help, and who can attract the right kind of person."
Georgianne Holland
"If you're ready to get out of your comfort zone and create a simple process for business success, you're ready for the Force."
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of businesses are suitable for 'Force!'?

A: The most successful Force! program participants are expert consultants with strong experience and acumen, who help their own clients achieve real transformations. They are passionate about helping others and generous in spirit. Beyond that, the specific industry is less important - we've successfully helped everyone from lobster pound aquaculture engineers to corporate health insurance cost optimizers.

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Q: Who is NOT a good fit for 'Force!'?
A: We very rarely work with real estate agents, financial planners or network marketers. Additionally, anyone who has not yet mastered their area of expertise, or who cannot afford Force! tuition because they need to buy food, should focus on other efforts before joining us. 
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Q: What if I don't yet know my niche, or who my ideal clients are?

A: That's not a problem.  One of the first things we will do with you is narrow your focus on ideal clients.  You, you will be amazed how quickly we can bring you to clarity on this topic, because of the unique way we do it.
Even clients who start off thinking they know their niche, are delighted to discover how much deeper they can go.  And with a deep understanding, you get stronger messaging and ideal clients who can't ignore you.

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Q: I don’t have any clients yet.  Is this for me?

A: That will depend. Read on.

Many joined Force! because they were about to leave their corporate jobs to become consultants.  And they wanted to get it right from the beginning.
So the prerequisite is more about your ability and skills and desire to serve clients at a high level.
If you're unsure, let's talk about it - click the chat link below.

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Q: Will this program make me throw out everything I've already built? My website, key message, etc?
A: No.  We build on what you already have that's solid.  And we create what you still need.
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Q: Is this a course?  A training?  1-1 coaching?
A: Force! is about DOING.  There is about 30 minutes of training each of the first four weeks.  But mostly, you'll be doing exercises and getting my feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement.
You get my 1-1 attention in the context of a small group.

Later, in After-Program-Support, you still have monthly calls with one-to-one interaction, Q&A with Dov and his support team in our private forums, and additional training and exercises as well. 
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Q: How much time do I need to put into the program each day/week? I'm worried with my current workload and obligations that I won't have enough time to do the work to justify the investment.

A: Force! works best when you block off 5-7 hours each of the first 4 weeks to do it. Our calls are on Wednesdays; we have two small group calls so one is sure to fit your schedule / time zone.

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Q: What happens after the first four weeks?

A: After the first four weeks, we ensure you've finished EVERYTHING - and then you join our After Program Support.
APS is critical.  Because questions will come up.  Some thing will work, and then you may get stuck.  And I know that when you have somewhere to go to ask your questions, you be able to quickly adapt and succeed.  As part of APS, you continue in our private Oasis Forums and join a monthly call where we talk you through anything you might need.

For some, you may qualify to upgrade to our Force Multiplier program.  We can talk about it when we get there.

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Q: Do you offer different payment options??
A: Yes. Current prices for Force! are a single-payment of $4,899 USD (that's a 20% discount), or an installment plan of $1994 to begin + 5-payments of $774 USD.
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Q: Your price for the program is ridiculous. How can you charge so little? Either you’re over promising or it’s something else.
A: I am happy to accept more money if you want to pay it! But seriously, my passion is working with consultants at this stage of business: already somewhat successful but with the expertise and desire to grow in an authentic, honest way. Force! is priced to support that stage of business, because I care more about working with my favorite type of client than just getting rich. I suspect you feel similarly - and that's why you're here. 
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Q: Do you use a Facebook Group in the Force! program?
A: We don't use a Facebook Group.  We have our own private online forum.  Why?  Because real coaching is about helping you build your skills.  And Facebook Groups are just not built for the level of feedback and guidance you'll be getting from us.
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How Much Support Do We REALLY Give?
The First 4 Weeks:

Each week has its assignments and homework. Those will be reviewed, developed and perfected during our group video calls that week - you get one-on-one coaching and development.

Need more help? We'll get on another call.

We're committed to getting your marketing system whipped into shape in 4 weeks, period.
After Program Support:

You're still not on your own!

You have 365 days to ask questions and brainstorm with our team and our other students and clients in our private forum and on our monthly calls. Post your questions and my support coach and I will personally answer you.  You'll be part of a truly generous community of other consultants, experts and agency and firm owners.
The 100% Happiness Guarantee

Typically I wouldn’t offer a money back guarantee on such a high level of coaching and expert 1-to-1 support, because I put so much skin in the game to facilitate it.  But I want you to be able to join with confidence, energy and a firm commitment to make it work for you!

I believe with 100% certainty that these 4 weeks can change your business forever. It works. So I'm willing to take a bit of a risk.

Here’s how it works:  Join us. Do the assignments in Week 1 and join the small group call for your coaching.  That way you’ll have 5 days to decide if what we’re doing is for you.  If not, email me before Friday of Week 1 and we’ll give you a refund of everything minus $250.

Why minus $250?  Because that’s your skin in the game.  This is a program where we work hands-on with a small number of people.  It’s not a ‘course’ or ‘training’ where we can add as many people as we want. So the $250 keeps out the tire-kickers and allows us to give our all to those as committed as we are!

100% happy, or you get almost your entire investment back.

I’m putting my time on the line to help you develop a new, wildly effective money-making and relationship building skill set and together we will build a powerful lead- and revenue- generating asset into your business.

Let me show you how much you can achieve in just 28 days! The risk is almost entirely mine.
Now, isn't that refreshing!  :-)

"Dov is amazing. Two things I really really appreciate and respect about him are the fact that he cares so much about his clients, and he has this brilliant strategic mind that’s just so good at zeroing in on what’s most important and figuring out solutions to issues that really matter.

Both of those things are rare. I know a fair amount of people that have one or the other of those traits, but it’s very rare to find both of them at once. (In fact, it’s so rare I’ll share with you that I’ve actually tried on multiple occasions to get Dov to leave his business and come work for me in my company. I even tried to buy his business just to get him to join me, but he’s very committed to the work that he does on his own for his clients. So that was a non-starter, but I hope he was flattered at least.)

Really there are very few people in the online world or elsewhere that I respect and appreciate as much as Dov. So if you’re thinking about working with him in some way - consider this my glowing endorsing vote of confidence."
Danny Iny, CEO and Founder, Mirasee
It comes down to this:
If your marketing feels ad hoc and haphazard...

  • If your best clients tend to come from relationships and referrals, but unpredictably.

  • And if you don't want to become a Facebook Ads Ninja / content marketing machine / online celebrity (and you sense it isn't necessary)

  • You know if you had more 'at bats,' more conversations with the right people, you'd have many more clients.

...But finding them is hard.  Reaching them is hard.  And when you do, often they don't 'get' what it is you do.
Then...  I can help you.

It only takes 4 weeks to set your new marketing system in place. 

Let's get started now, before any more time goes by.
Talk soon,
Dov Gordon
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