Should you still go it alone?

Two people can speak the very same words.  But one is being smart.  The other is fooling himself.

These are the words:

“I’m going to try and figure it out myself.”

The first guy is being smart.  Why?  Because he’s fresh. 

Maybe he just left a successful corporate career, or whatever, and opened shop as a consultant, coach or other expert. 

He honestly believes he can make it on his own.

Who knows, maybe he will.  And as long as things are humming along, he might as well try.

If he fails, he’ll have a better understanding of what he’s missing.  More humility and a readiness to learn from whoever he turns to later on.

The second guy is fooling himself.

He’s the one who already knows he needs help.  Even if he’s doing well, he knows outside help will get him there faster.

But he’s afraid of the price of the help.

So he puffs himself up and says, “I’m going to try and figure it out myself.”

He’s fooling himself.

What he’s really saying is, “I’m too scared to invest in the help I know I need.”

His fear is greater than his desire

To get what you want, your desire must be greater than your fear.

Here’s the golden mean:

If you don’t see a clear path from where you are to where you want to be, get the help.

The Path of Mastery winds through a variety of apprenticeships.  If you’re going to grow, it’s a must.  Only average folk try to avoid it.

It may not be easy. 

But neither is looking back in your old age at the life you could have lived – if only your desire was greater than your fear.

I’ve been talking to you for a while about Alchemy Networks and becoming an Under-the-Radar Leader. 

I believe that for many, it’s the best path to a consistent flow of ideal clients.

So if a new client is worth $10,000, $100,000 or even more, and you don’t yet have a consistent flow of clients…

Maybe it’s time for your own Alchemy Network?

Maybe it’s time to stop going it alone?

If you’re ready to explore what this might look like for you, click here to grab a time on my calendar.

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Dov Gordon

Dov Gordon helps consultants and coaches get clients - consistently.