Ahh… so it’s me failures you wantah hear about?

I’ve been a guest on many podcasts lately. So it would be burdensome for me to tell you about each and every one.

Especially because I tend to talk about the same topic:  Consistently attracting your ideal clients.  That’s my topic.

But a few weeks ago Matt Fox invited me to be on his new podcast – and this one was clearly going to be different.

It’s called FAIL to LEARN.

Now, you can read that two ways:

FAIL [in order] to LEARN [and then succeed based on what you’ve learned.]


FAIL to LEARN [the lessons you should be learning. And then life will ensure you repeat the class.]

Anyway, turns out he means the first one.

Matt coerces his guests to share the tough failure stories. Everyone has them, but few care to share them.

But Matt’s doing something helpful.  It’s important for people starting out to know that it WILL be difficult.  AND there will always be something challenging you to grow.

Don’t let that stop you.

So…  If you want to hear about:

  • My first product launch, how I enrolled only ONE person after three months of work
  • What I did to ‘fill’ the course so I didn’t look bad
  • How I was rescued when I was down to my last $1,000 with a wife and three kids
  • The game I must keep off my phone, because it is just so addictive. (It’s been off my phone a while now.  And it will be off until we hit a predetermined target.  But if you have it on your phone, please come by for a short visit, OK?)
  • What I worried about then… and what I worry about now… and the nonsense of both
  • And more.  Of course.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

No optin required.

Dov Gordon


PS – If you enjoy it, please help Matt by sharing the page on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m not sure if it will help me any to spread this around, but let’s at least help him.

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