Bet you never see this athlete on TV… (roll eyes)


Bet you never read about THIS Olympic athlete.  He gets up early and quickly gets busy.

First he works on his website, because one day people will be reading about him. Then he spends time building his Facebook fan page. He goes to networking meetings with other wannabes where they each talk about all the things they’re going to do – one day. He interviews PR people so that he’s ready when the big day comes.

Sometimes, he even goes to the gym.

Yeah, he’s the guy you never read about because no serious athlete expects to wake up one day and be world class.

But many small business entrepreneurs do.

How many small business owners do you know who methodically build a system that brings them a consistent flow of customers? Not many.

Most wing it. And when the going gets tough, they get busy: Playing with their website. Going to useless networking events. Coffee and lunch with others who can’t possibly move them forward. Surfing the net. Watching another webinar from another guru who wants to keep them in the “I don’t know enough yet” trap. And kvetching.

You need to be like an athlete. You need a clear picture of the game you’re playing. And you need to identify the few areas where YOU must improve in order to become world class.

If it’s your swing, you break it down into its component pieces. You work on each piece, and then you build it up again. It it’s your posture, you break it down. You fix each piece deliberately. Then you build it up again. Soon it becomes second nature.

It’s the same in business.

If you’re not getting in front of enough qualified prospects, you need to break that down to it’s component pieces. Fix the pieces, then build it up.

If you’re not enrolling enough of the people you speak to, break that conversation down to it’s component pieces. Fix the pieces, then build it up.

If you’re overwhelmed with all you need to do, you need to break that down into it’s component pieces. Fix the pieces, then build it up.

But where can you get the exercise regimen for this? Who will help you both see the big picture – and give you a very simple, specific and quickly achievable regimen?

I will.

I’ve spelled it out for you here.  Go have a look.  Be sure to read each step all the way through.

You’ll see the game of business with a clarity you’ve never had before. And then you’ll see how it breaks down into pieces. You’ll be given very specific exercises for each piece so you can build it up again.

Dov Gordon


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