“But Dov, my clients won’t join with competitors…!”

A common question I get about building an Alchemy Network is this: 

“But, Dov, I don’t think that [my ideal clients] would want to join a network with their competitors. 
They would certainly be interested in collecting information but much less prone to share/create/emit information.”

Excellent question.  Here’s my answer:

First, you need to know this:  My entire business, for the last 10+ years has been built on an Alchemy Network – comprised of competitors.

Any time you bring people together, there will be some concern about confidentiality.  That’s reasonable.

Still, every industry has associations. And the associations have events.  And people mix and talk and share.  Sometimes on a panel and other times over drinks.

People are willing to share – up to a point.

And I think you can build a group around what they would be willing to share.

Especially when you attract the right members.

I’m convinced that building your own Alchemy Network is the best way to become an Under-the-Radar Leader in your industry.

Owning the network, is like owning the casino – the odds are always in your favor.

It’s like owning the platform – Microsoft Windows, or iOS rather than merely a great app.

And on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020, I’m doing a one day workshop in Amsterdam for a small group of consultants.

The Amsterdam workshop is 50% sold out! We have room for only 8 – 10 people MAX.  Because it will be highly interactive.

We’ll spend the morning designing your Alchemy Network. 

And in the afternoon, you will LAUNCH it.  You’ll invite your first group of members before the day is over.

It’s called “The Under-the-Radar Industry Leaders 2020 Workshop: Amsterdam”

WHO should come?

– If you sell a high value service, or product+service combination…

– If your ideal clients usually need to get to know you – build a relationship – before they’re ready to hire you…

– If your ideal clients often need to bring others on board to decide to work with you…

If any of these are true, then building your own Alchemy Network is a brilliant but rarely-used strategy you should use.

When relationships drive revenue (and they almost always do!) you need a leveraged way to create, curate and convert those relationships – at a pace that works for each client.

Not only that, but you can create a brand new six-figure income stream – just from your own Alchemy Network.  That’s being paid to market yourself to your ideal clients. (Ask me about it.)

WHAT NEXT?  Email me and tell me you want more details.

I’ll send them over.

Dov Gordon

PS – What if you just can’t make it to Amsterdam for January 20th – but you DO see the brilliance of building your own Alchemy Network?

Well, you should check out my Under-the-Radar Leaders’ Network.  

You can join that from anywhere.  Although you will need to qualify.  So have a look, and email me so we can determine if you qualify.

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