Case study: Patrick Stroth, Plenty of Clients and the Insurance Industry

patrick-stroth76bIf Patrick Stroth could do this in the insurance business… you could do it in yours.

What did he do?

He learned how to stand out. And he’s been enjoying double-digit growth as a result.

Listen to my conversation with Patrick:

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Insurance is one of those undesirable items.

I take a backseat to nobody in a couple of the niches I perform in. But even though we were good at it, we'd hit a limit...

It was really frustrating and it's painful because I really believe in this industry. It does tremendous good. At the same time, you feel guilty, you feel reluctant... I'm passionate about it - but how can I convey this, I don't want to fool anybody...

And it was literally soul crushing, because you feel like a peddler, and a really bad one.

We got advice from other marketing professionals to use subject lines such as "Top 5 mistakes boards of directors make" or "Six benefits of D&O you didn't know were out there..."

We were screaming from the mountaintops.

Standing back, years later, it's the same message that my competition still has out there. And I can see where they're hitting the rocks and we've made a couple of breakthroughs.

I encourage you to listen to my entire conversation with Patrick.

Learn how you can also stand out in a 'me too' industry. And build a consistent flow of your ideal clients.

Because if Patrick can do this in insurance, you can do it as a consultant, coach or other expert.

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