Here’s a gut-wrenching $40K lesson – for free

“Tyler” was earning $200,000 a year as a graphic designer.

Now, $200k is nice.  But in 2018, (when this story takes place) when you’re competing with cheap design sites all over the world – that is VERY nice.  And very rare.

Still, Tyler felt he could do better.  “I should be able to get to $500,000. But how?!”

The answer seemed to show up in the form of a consultant named “Edward.”

Edward looked the part. Played the part.  And with absolute certainty, promised to help Tyler get to $500,000 a year.

Edward wasn’t cheap.  Getting his help would cost Tyler $40,000.

But getting to $500k would be worth it.  Totally worth it.  Right?

So Tyler did it.  He paid the $40,000 and they got to work.

Edward laid out a plan.  And then told Tyler to immediately stop everything he had been doing.

“Tell all your clients that you’re no longer available.  And instead, focus 100% on building this NEW thing I’m showing you.”

And Tyler, trusting, and wanting to believe, did as he was told.

But after six months with no sales, and a family that hadn’t stopped eating and kids who hadn’t stopped growing, he HAD to go back to his old clients. 

Edward’s grand ideas didn’t deliver.

What is remakable is that in less than a year after that, Tyler managed to build himself back up to where he’s doing $200,000 a year.

And he’s still trying to figure out how to get to $500,000.

I listened to Tyler, mesmerized.

Not because he’d invested $40,000.  I’ve done that myself, and it was worth every penny.

But because of the advice he’d received – and followed;  the advice to just STOP everything that had been working!  To me, it was MADNESS!

“Tyler, when Edward told you to stop everything, was there this little voice, deep down trying to get your attention… trying to tell you ‘Tyler, you imbecile!  That’s MADNESS! Don’t listen!”

Tyler was quiet for a full minute as he mentally went back in time.

Finally, he said, “You know, Dov, you’re right.  Yes, there was a little voice telling me that wasn’t a good idea.  But I buried it.  I refused to listen to it.  Because I so wanted to believe Edward would take me to the Promised Land.”

“The good news, Tyler, is that you’ve just learned an very, very important lesson: To listen to that Little Inner Voice.  It cost you $40,000.  But if you heed that Voice, it’ll bring you far more than that in the years to come.”

There are several important lessons in that story.

One is to listen to your own Little Inner Voice.

But as big as that one is, and it is BIG, there’s a BIGGER lesson we must all take to heart.

This:  No one is coming to save you.

No one can do it for you.  But nor can you do it alone.

Edward may have deeply believed he was giving right advice.  And maybe his ideas worked for others.

But Tyler knew something was off.  It had been his responsibility to face it. 

Instead, he buried it.

To build the future you want, in 2020 and beyond, you’ll need to heed your Inner Voice. 

Both when it tells you “You SHOULD do X.”  And when it tells you “DON’T do Y.”

That little voice will always be competing with an illusion you will desperately want to believe.  

Take responsibility.

Heed the voice; Ignore the illusion.  When you do, miracles will happen.

That’s the only way to create what you are here to create.

That Little Inner Voice is telling you what you CAN do next year.

It’s also telling you WHERE TO GO FOR HELP. Because while no one can do it for you, none of us can do it alone.

Heed that voice.

And make miracles in 2020.

Dov Gordon

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