How to attract AAA customers: Step 1

Years ago my brother-in-law was driving across the U.S. with a friend. After half a day of driving through the Midwest, they pulled over at a truck stop to rest and stretch their legs.

They were getting back into the car when a middle-aged man came up to them.

“Hey, fellas, can I have a lift?”

“Where do you need to go?”

“New York.”

“Sorry, we’re going to LA.”

“Hey, that’s good too.”

They looked at each other.  There was no way they wanted to be stuck in a car for the next few days with someone who had no idea where he was going.

“Uh, sorry bro. It ‘aint gonna work.  Maybe the guy behind us is going to New York.”

Most small business owners are settling for what they have instead of creating what they want.

You’re settling if you look at where you are today, at the options you see available to you today, and you choose.  “You have a ride to LA?  OK, I’ll take it.  I’ll go to New York another time.”

You’re settling if the customers in front of you are not the customers you really want. You’re settling if the products you buy, sell or build are not the kinds of products you’d LOVE to buy, sell or build.  You’re settling if the people working for you are the ones who were available when you needed to hire and not the ones you really want.

But you can’t “settle” your way to a business that makes you proud and free. You need to create it.

“Creating” is when you say “I really want to be in New York.  I don’t know how, but I’m going to figure it out.”

When you stop settling, you’re creating time, life and freedom.

To create a business that gives you time, life and freedom, a business where you lead with your mind, not minutia, you first get really clear as to what you want.

Often we’re too busy with the details to step back and think it through.  Are you making time to think through what you really want? Do you really know what you want in a customer?  Is it clear enough that you come to work with a single minded focus?  Is it clear enough that you’ll walk away from someone who doesn’t meet your standards?

The first step to building your freedom through entrepreneurship is to be clear about what you want – not settle for what you have.


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Shai Etzion,
EMEA Sales, Clarizen

“We began to use Dov’s insights immediately.  After just one week, my sales team is spending far less time on the wrong prospects.  This, of course, freed up much more time for the right ones.Shai EtzionEMEA Sales,

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