How to close more sales by not answering your prospect’s questions. Elegantly. + Registration now open.

A few years ago, after a really promising meeting with the partner in a sizeable firm, he
wanted to introduce me to his brother, the senior partner.

All looked promising. But then sent me an email asking about my background, education,
degrees, favorite color. All those meaningless questions.

Now here’s what you need to notice: The question I was HEARING was about my background.
But the question my prospect was REALLY ASKING was something else altogether.

Can you see what it was?

It was this: “You know my brother and I have massive disagreements about almost everything.
Help me introduce you in a way that I won’t look like a fool. Help me know what to say so
that he will want to meet you – and respect me – for my suggesting the meeting.”

This happens to you all the time in your sales conversations. Your prospects ask you one
thing, but they really mean another. And if you answer the question they ASK, you’ve
derailed your own sales conversation. Because the question they asked is not the question
they MEANT.

I answered the unspoken question – without ever answering the spoken question – and got
the meeting.

In “How to Master the Elegant Sales Conversation,” you’re going to learn how to listen
between the lines.

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