How to email a prospect so they WANT to reply and talk to you.

Do you know how to write an email to a hard-to-reach prospect – and get a reply?

Or to an influential someone who then wants to open doors for you?

Since it really is about WHO you know, there are always a few people who can make a very big difference for you.

The challenge is “How do I get them to WANT to talk to ME?”

John Corcoran is one of those people who make it look so easy… until you see behind his curtain.

Building relationships with influential people seems like one of those things that either you have it – or you don’t.

But when you see behind John’s curtain, you see that he’s created a simple system for himself. And it’s a system he’s all to happy to teach.

John’s system:

  • Got him a job as a White House speech writer
  • Got him jobs writing speeches for the Governor of California, Steven Spielberg and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
  • Connected him famous and influential people who’ve made his transition to entrepreneurship remarkably smooth

A few months ago, John was sharing with me his process for (1) Connecting with VIPs and (2) Building relationships that convert into deals, introductions and other spendable cash.

If you’ve been on my list a while and went through any of my free trainings, you know that I value simplicity. And structure. And system.

Which is exactly what John has done to the ‘art’ of connecting with hard to reach people: Turned it into a system of practices that will work if you work it.

On Wednesday, February 18th, I’m hosting a free webinar with John called:

“How to ‘Cold Email’ any VIP”

You can sign up here.

John is a quiet, unassuming kind of guy. But he’s systematic and relentless.

And completely sincere.

Which is why I’m hosting this:

John has something valuable to share. AND he’s someone I’d trust with a full wallet.

Dov Gordon

PS – As soon as you register for the webinar, John will send you a report he wrote called “How to Increase Your Income in 14 Days By Building Relationships with VIPs, Even if You Hate Networking.

Go register here.

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