How to finally ‘get through’ to your thick and obstinate business partner.

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If you’re in a “head-butting” situation with your partner, you’re no stranger to feelings of high frustration topped with anxiety. You’re torn between what you KNOW is great business possibility on the one hand, and seeing how that ______ is ruining everything on the other.  (What pet name DO you use when not amongst polite company?) 😉

Someone we’ll call Rick is a partner in a small but growing business and he’s doing fantastic work. But his biggest obstacle is and has long been… his partner.

As Rick sees it, his partner has more authority than he, but far less management sense.  And they’ve been butting heads for a couple of years now.

But Rick decided to change things, and he’s been using the simple yet powerful tools he’s learned in my training and coaching program to ramp up his influence and spark real change.

So read about Rick’s progress.  And if your experience is similar, take advantage of my free 45 minute “Breakthrough Influence Consultation” below.

“Thanks Dov! I appreciate your comments and most importantly your time and training.

“Also miraculously I had direct and far less confrontational conversations with my partner yesterday and today which I have avoided in the past weeks as much as possible.

“By looking at the WHAT instead of the HOW it automatically takes a lot of the sting out of the dialogue and discussions. And most astonishingly my partner reacted in a more open minded and cooperative way.

“That said there is still a lot of work to be done to get on track with the business. It simply becomes easier for me to stay calm and wait for things to happen. Plus I should be getting my order tomorrow – I spoke to the distributor today and he said he will make the retailer place the order tomorrow for the afternoon. So all in all Dov – you have done your magic!

“And before you say it wasn’t you but me – I am aware of my own contribution but I could not have done it without your guidance. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!

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Here’s what you’ll get:

– You’ll create a sense of clarity about the influence you really want to have with your difficult partner.

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Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards increased influence and a shift in the balance of powers.

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Looking forward to speaking with you,

Dov Gordon

PS – I probably don’t need to tell you how these stories usually end if you let them drag on too long. A friend just left his last company because the investor pulled the plug following head-butting and failure to “communicate” amongst the partners in that business.

It’s truly sad, because the product they were about to roll out is supreme and the profit potential was huge.  So don’t let this fester. Get your free consultation now.

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