How to turn Brexit panic into personal magic

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June 27, 2016

It is Monday following the UK’s vote for “Brexit” – to exit the EU.

The pound has fallen, close to 10%.

The politicians are in shock. And the media are predicting and promoting worry and fear.

What’s the Reality?

The Reality is:

— As always, there is uncertainty.
— And as always there will be pundits who claim to know the future with certainty.

— As always, there will be pain.  It’s a simple truth: In life, there will be pain.
— And as always there will be pundits who point fingers here and there blaming others for the pain.

— As always, there will be many who use “Brexit” and it’s various real and imagined consequences to explain why they can’t succeed.
— And as always there will be the few who know that life will always present a challenge of one kind or another.

And true LIVING is to keep moving and to learn and grow from whatever obstacle you face right now. Today.

All this reminds me of the old Zig Ziglar line. Something about how, “There is a recession going on out there in the minds of many people. But I choose not to participate in it.”

One of the frameworks through which we at The Alchemist Entrepreneur™ view the world is this:
Reality > Impact > Leverage!

You must always start with Reality.

As obvious as that sounds, look around. See how few people actually do!

Instead they start with fears. Worries. Drama. Excuses. Finger pointing. Whining. Anything BUT starting with Reality.

And so I’d encourage you to grab that advantage for yourself.

Simply make it your responsibility to see things as they are and resolve to do your best – in the next moment – with what you have, where you are, right now.

That’s the path to greatness.

And if you are a consultant, coach or expert with valuable experience and common sense – we see it as our responsibility to help you increase your influence, impact and income.

A great place to start is with our free training on “How to Be Noticed, Be Valued and Be Paid by the Clients You Want Most.”

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