Ever feel stuck?

I admit – this client was frustrating me…

Ever feel stuck?

I love him because he’s a GREAT guy. Sincere. Hard working. Always learning and genuinely wants to be coached.

But for months we’d been talking about what he needed to do to attract his ideal clients.

And no matter what I thought we agreed he would do –he always went off and did something else.

He did some of what we agreed. But mostly other things. Flashy things.

Like redoing his website. Again. And studying even more tactical material from other experts. And working on the more intricate details of an online funnel.

But he wouldn’t give more than a nod to the actions that we agreed on – the ones that would immediately put him in front of ideal prospects and prime referral sources.

…But then something clicked. Maybe I was finally clear enough. Or maybe he’d just heard it enough times in different ways.

Anyway, he drafted an email to send to potential referral sources and joint venture partners. I helped him tweak the language in our client-only Oasis Forum.

He sat down and found a bunch of people running businesses that serve the same kinds of people he wants to serve.

And he began emailing them the carefully crafted email we had written together.

And then… magic.

(Well not really magic. When you stop chasing the flash and start working on the basics, *magic* does happen!)

A few days later, he posted this:


Hi Dov,

The email has been working.

14 emails sent since Sunday… 6 answers so far

5 calls scheduled (4 completed, 1 tomorrow)

1 call ended quickly… didn’t think we had much overlap.

Others were 30 – 90 minutes long, with a lot of ideas and connections shared.

3 of 4 are interested in setting up some sort of group to share ideas, marketing/business challenges.

2 said they had clients they would like to mention me to…

More to come over the week-end.



A breakthrough!

You’ve probably heard me say that to create a consistent flow of ideal clients, you don’t need more information. You don’t need fancy-pants online marketing super-funnels and stuff.

(All that can come later.)

What you DO need is readiness to change. To work differently. To stop looking for something new, and finally build out the basics.

Ironically, this is hard.

It’s a lot easier to build a fancy-pants marketing super-funnel. And to try to keep a dozen tactical plates spinning.

But you’ve tried that already – and it just ain’t workin’.

Instead, you need to do identify the shortest path to your ideal clients. And take it.

That’s what “A” did. And if you don’t yet have a consistent flow of your own ideal clients, it’s what you need to do.

And that’s why our coaching is so powerful. It’s because we get you focused on the basics.

Some break through faster. Some slower. But as long as you don’t quit, you WILL break through.

If you’re ready to create a consistent flow of your own ideal consulting or coaching clients, go now and request a free “Consistent Flow of Clients” strategy chat with me.

It’s a chance for us to begin a conversation and see what you need and if my company is the right one to help you get there.


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