I’d like you to meet my most ruthless competitor…

A new team member will be joining us in a month or so and she asked me “So who are your competitors?”

There are two ways to answer that question.

1. I have many competitors. Thousands. Tens of thousands of them. They are all over the Internet.

But the truth is, I cooperate and collaborate with dozens of these ‘competitors.’ We help each other, support each and promote each other. This serves us all – me, them and you.

Why? Because there will always be more people on my list who will never buy from me that those who will. But they’re here for a reason. They’ll looking for help. And one of my ‘competitors’ might be a better fit, better able to help them.

So everyone gains with this kind of ‘competition.’

My real competitor is…

2. The Small Thinker Inside

Everyone has to battle The Small Thinker Inside.

He – or she – is the one who tells you…

… that you HAVE to take on projects that pay you too little because they’re paying your bills.

… that you don’t have the time to do something important, because you’re too busy doing this-n-that-n-the-other.

… that you can’t afford the coaching he acknowledges you really do need… “What can you do? You can’t afford it,” he says with finality.

This ruthless competitor of mine has your undivided attention.


From time to time, we all get a glimpse of what’s really possible. But it’s a brief glimpse. And then you lose it.

How do you free yourself from small thinking?

First: when you next get a glimpse of what’s really possible for you, act on it immediately.

The smallest action in the direction of what you want, and away from the graviational pull of small thinking will start a chain reaction – taking you where you really want to be.

Second: Notice that every argument he puts in your head has is built on the same false premise:

> That you have to know how you’ll handle every obstacle before you commit to what you really want.

Those who you admire do not think that way.

They know the only way to freedom is to first commit to a result. And then take the small step in front of you. NO ONE ever knows how they will continue beyond the next step.

The Small Thinker tries to keep you safe and secure. But that “security” is an illusion.

The only true security is knowing you have what it takes to navigate any obstacles you will face.

Avoiding challenge is not safety. It’s not even living. It’s just existing.

But fooling you into thinking that others know it and you don’t is what keeps you stuck. Month after month. Year after year.

This second competitor of mine is the only real one.

As the great Theodore Roosevelt said

“Far greater is it to dare mighty things than to take rank with those poor timid spirits who know neither victory nor defeat.”

If you’re a coach, consultant or other expert, and you’re already earning a living from your expertise – but you’ve been stagnating…

And it’s time to fully and truly commit to your next level…

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