Is it you – or how you go about it?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your setbacks, failures and disappointments are because there’s something wrong with you.

But that’s not true.

It’s not you, the PERSON.  It’s your PROCESS.

It’s the way you’re going about it.  And when you change your process, you get a far better result.

On some level, you know I’m right.  Why else would subscribe to my emails which promise to help you do things better?  😉

But still.  Most of us have this nagging, just-below-the-surface feeling that “I’m not good enough.  Others have it better.  And I can’t change who I am.”

So it’s good to look to where you feel behind and notice that it’s true: It’s not your person, it’s your process.


Take this as an example.  Which consultant would you prefer to meet for lunch?  For drinks?  To hire for your company?

Consultant A says “I’m a leadership consultant.”

Consultant B says “I help companies solve the problems they have with that employee who’s too valuable to fire.”

How about these two life coaches.

Life Coach A says “I’m a life coach.”

Life Coach B says “I help women who wake up each morning wondering ‘If I’m so successful – why am I so unhappy?'”

Then there are the innovation consultants:

Innovation Consultant A says “I help companies better manage innovation.”

Innovation Consultant B says “I help CEOs who know that throwing even more money at their new product delays – can’t be the answer.”



Who would you want to invite in for a management team meeting?  A or B?

If you had to guess who was more competent in all three cases, would you choose A or B?

My guess is that, like most people, you’d choose B every time.

And yet, A and B are the very same people; all of them real clients of mine.

They started off talking as they did in A.  But they quickly learned to talk like they now do, in B.

We helped them fix their process.

And it affects how they FEEL about themselves.  Their confidence goes up.  And that’s good for business.

Because clients are drawn to confidence.

It wasn’t their “PERSON.”  It was merely their “PROCESS.”

The very same consultant who felt doubt with message A, feels deep pride and total confidence with message B.

So next time you feel doubt creeping up, notice it.

And then ask yourself, “What process am I running that needs an overhaul?”

Fix the process and the person – you – begins to work magic.

I learned all this from my own years of struggle to create a consistent flow of ideal clients for myself.

I’m not the charismatic guru type.  I had no desire to be a celebrity.

I just wanted to be doing great work, with great clients and making a great income.  Consistently.

And now, we help consultants, coaches and experts like you – do just that:  Get YOUR ideal clients. Consistently.

If you’re good at what you do and you know you should be able to add $100k + click here and schedule a time for you and me to talk.

Dov Gordon


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