The “Run uphill into gunfire and dive naked into icy waters” client attraction method

teddy-at-11So as you may have figured out, the ‘strange’ boy I wrote you about the other day was the great Theodore Roosevelt.  And the quote is from his exceptional biographer, Edmond Morris, in “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.”

One of TR’s greatest strengths was that he really didn’t care what anyone else thought about him. He believed he was here to leave a mark and he set out to do so at every possible opportunity.

And most of all – he knew that to get what you want in this world, you need to take a bit of a risk, where the people around you choose “security.”

And this is where most entrepreneurs get stuck.
Often without conscious awareness, you do not jump at the opportunity before you because it scares you!

It costs more than you budgeted.

Or if you fail, you might let down your loved ones. Your ‘normal’ (read: average) friends will snicker and say, “We told you so.”

If you reflect on the actions you have not taken, the investments in yourself you have not made, it almost always comes down to fear of a bruised ego. Perhaps a little discomfort or inconvenience. But not much more.

Hopefully you and I won’t need to charge up a hill into gunfire as TR famously did.

Nor do you need to strip to your birthday suit and dive, by choice, into icy waters. TR would do that, too.

The lesson from TR that applies to all entrepreneurs is you can’t let your worries about security prevent you from making your mark.

The truth, you already know, is that there really is no such thing as security.

The closest you can come to security is learning how to package and sell your products, skills and smarts.

Consistently. Predictably. Confidently. And profitably.

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If you’re ready to cultivate the fearlessness in you, TR style, go see what it’s all about.

It’s your ticket to TRUE security.

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