Using a machete to shave

“What excites you about working with your clients?”

Not – what are you good at?

Not – what do you specializing in?

The podcast host asked me what excites me.

And this is what I said:

I love freeing people who spent years mastering valuable skills, and wonder – why can’t I get clients?

Because that’s what excites me.

To work together with smart consultants and experts… getting them to where they are well-paid consultants and experts!

To say to people who have been using a machete to shave for years, and tell them –


“There’s a better way. An easier way.”

And then to lead them there.

What gets me excited is their excitement, the moments when they realize they can do what they love, earn more and make a big impact… without changing their personalities or drowning in minutiae. 

Have you been using a machete to shave? 

It’s time to put it down.

More tomorrow.

In the meantime – if you’d like to talk about how you can start getting more clients within the next 4 weeks let’s talk!   Click here and grab a slot on my calendar.


PS – the podcast interview I mentioned is here. Worth a listen.

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