Wannabe thinking vs contender thinking…

boxing_glovesI’d paid a small fortune to attend the seminar – and now they were wasting a good chunk of the day on a stupid game.

They listed ten activities such as “The best headstand” and “the best ho-ho-ho.”

For each activity, someone from each table went up on stage to compete.


I’d come to learn, not to play games.


But I’d seen enough from the leaders to trust that this was going somewhere, so I played along.

I went through the motions.  Did what I was asked to do.  And waited for that segment to end.

At the end, I received a short self-evaluation form with questions asking about how I’d related to the game.


And that’s where my big ‘aha’ came:  

I hadn’t been playing to win. 


Big deal, right?  I mean it was just a game.

But there was another point:  How you do anything is how you do everything.


Whether you believe that’s an absolute truth or not, isn’t the point.  The point, for me, was that I started to ask myself some tough questions:

“Where it matters, am I playing to win in my business, or am I playing not to lose?”

And to my embarrassment, I realized that way too often, I wasn’t playing to win.

Since then, I’ve been working on it.  And I constantly ask myself “Am I playing to win?”

When I think of “Playing to Win” I think of an athlete with Olympic gold on his mind.

Can you imagine a gold medal contender telling you “I really wanted to go for the gold, but I couldn’t afford the best coaches.  And I couldn’t afford the best training equipment.  Nor could I afford to get out of my demotivating environment to hang out with other contenders. That’s why you see me working out here at the monkey bars…”

Uh, no.

A real contender would say “I didn’t have the money for the best coaches, equipment and so-on, but I was really, really committed to this.  So I figured it out….”

And then they’d tell you about all the things they did so they could achieve the potential they felt inside.

Things that most others are too lazy, too tired, or afraid to do.


Why were they willing to do all those things?

Because they were playing to win.


The Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint is for people playing to win.

As I write this, we’re two weeks from kickoff – and we’ve already filled nearly half of the max 20 spots.  Nice!

And as I look over the list of people, I see an amazing group of serious consultants, coaches and experts who are playing to win.

They’ve all been around the block. They’ve all spent too much money on things that haven’t worked or helped as planned.

But they’ve also always made it a point to take a lesson from every experience – because that’s what you do when you’re playing to win.

They’ve tasted success.  They’re good at what they do.

And they know that they’re only missing a few small things that will give them a really big difference.


What about you?

99 out of 100 consultants, coaches and experts are not playing to win.

They’re just hanging on.  Sure, they always have a good excuse.  But fact is, they’re just not serious enough.

They’re the gold-medal wannabes, not the gold-medal contenders.

When you’re playing to win, you ensure you’ve got the coaching – and the equipment – you need to get the results you know you’re capable of.

If you meet the criteria on this page, then my new Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint will give you what you need to win.

Read the page.

Watch the not-so-exciting, but very-insightful video and then apply.

You’ll hear from me within 12 -24 hours.


Dov Gordon

PS – If you’re unsure if you qualify – or if you’re unsure if the 100 Day Sprint will give you what YOU are missing,  don’t be afraid to ask.

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