Were you a bit ‘different’ as a kid? Profit from it.


Were you a bit ‘different’ as a kid?

I was. And it’s been an advantage in business, once I finally learned how to package and sell my smarts.

Maybe you had a certain extra maturity with some things. Or an unusual hobby or obsession.

Maybe you were extra perceptive or sensitive to some things, even while you were clueless about other things – usually the things that the ‘normal’ kids pay lots of attention to.

If you haven’t grown up to be a miscreant or a murderer, your ‘differences’ as a child likely indicate that you’re equipped to make valuable – and profitable to yourself – contributions as an adult.

Take this ‘strange’ child. He grew to influence the modern world in ways few ever hope to. He joined a truly exclusive class of people. And was known worldwide for his genius, opinions and ability to get things done.

___’s interest in all “curiosities and living things” became something of a trial to his elders. Meeting Mrs. Hamilton Fish on a streetcar, he absentmindedly lifted his hat, whereupon several frogs leaped out of it, to the dismay of fellow passengers. Houseguests learned to sit on sofas warily, and to check their water pitchers for snakes before pouring. When [his mother], in great disgust, threw out a litter of field-mice, her son loudly bemoaned “the loss to Science — the loss to Science.”

From time to time, members of the domestic staff threatened to give notice. A protest by a chambermaid forced ___ to move his ‘museum of natural history’ out of his bedroom and into the back hall upstairs. “How can I do the laundry,” complained the washerwoman, “with a snapping turtle tied to the legs of the sink?” Finally, when a noxious odor permeated the entire house, even the good-natured cook issued her ultimatum: “Either I leave or the woodchuck does.” ___ had killed a fine specimen for anatomical study and ordered her to boil the animal, fur and all, for twenty-four hours.

Do you know who this nine year old boy was? Or can you guess without using Google?

I’ll tell you in a day or two.

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