What IS the Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint, anyway?

What IS the Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint, anyway?

Well, it’s quite simple.  Because if what you want is a mid-six-figure-lifestyle kind of consulting / coaching business, then you want SIMPLE.

Over 100 days, I take you through a series of architected experiences.  With me by your side, you build a simple system that brings you great clients. Consistently.

“I don’t need a ton of clients to make this work.  I want to have an impact, but I’m not trying to build a 7 or 8 figure business.”

If you agree with that, then keep reading.  Because I designed the Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint (100DS) – a coaching / mentorship program like no others – specifically for people like you.

What will you have after 100 days?

You will have a simple, repeatable client-getting system that you designed – with my help – specifically for you.  Based on your dreams, your strengths and your ideal clients.

What does that actually look like?

Good questions!

In brief:

  • Marketing Helium: You get crystal clear on the only two things YOUR ideal clients are interested in:  (1) A problem they have and don’t want and / or (2) A result they want and don’t have.  We call this your marketing helium.  Because when you get it right, it makes everything else you do fly.
  • Simple, Compelling, Message:  Once you have your Marketing Helium, you can craft a message that your ideal clients find impossible to ignore.

    I shared some examples in the webinar, but here’s one.  We helped a leadership consultant go from saying “I’m a leadership consultant,” to “I help companies solve the problems they have with thate employee who’s too valuable to fire?”
    Can you feel the difference?

    Another:  “I’m a life coach,” became “I help women who wake up each morning wondering ‘If I’m so successful, why am I so unhappy?'”

    What if YOU had a simple, compelling message – at the foundation of your client-getting system?

  • Your Hand-Raising-Free-Offer (HaRFO):  Now we help you take your expertise, your knowledge, your genius – and present it in a way that makes you stand out.  We’ll then show you how to turn that into a talk, a book, a speech, a webinar…

    Others charge $10,000 JUST for something like this!  (And it’s usually not as good.  ?)

  • Your Get Noticed Sequence:  Finally, you get to tactics.  We help you choose one or two tactics that you can enjoy mastering.  And build it out.  Your tactic gets your message in front of your ideal client.  Offers them a chance to get your Hand-Raising-Free-Offer.  Which drives them to a sales conversation with you.
  • Elegant Sales Conversation:  Sales is leadership.  And in my 7+ hour training, you learn to elegantly lead the sales conversations.  Even consultants who’ve sold millions of dollars before coming to us have found this training to be transformational.  You will, too.
  • Your Easy-Yes! Offer:  This is how you package and present your expertise.  For larger projects, this will be a proposal.  For structured programs, it will be your offer.  We help you present it so that it’s easier for them to say “Yes!” than to say no.

Within 6 – 8 weeks, you’ll have these steps in place.  Starting to bring you leads and clients.  Over time, you’ll tweak and improve it with our help and guidance.

There’s much more!  And this is getting long.

So if you should be able to add $100k or more in the coming 12 months, best if you snag an open slot on my calendar.

Dov Gordon

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