Why this consultant got nibbles, but not bites.

Why should that client buy from you NOW?

A client of mine created a new offer for his market.

In conversations with highly qualified prospects, he and his team were getting lots of interest – but no one actually bought.

Lots of nibbles. But no bites.

They all said it sounded so good. But apparently no one thought it was good enough to buy.

Ever had that experience?

“There must be something wrong with how you positioned your offer,” I said.

We pulled up his offer page and I began as I always do: “What’s the problem you’re helping to solve? What’s the result you’re going to enable with this offer?”

And as soon as he answered me, we could both see the problem:

“Your offer describes a nice thing to have. But nowhere do you make it clear that this is exactly what they need to solve their current burning problem!

The light bulb went on.

His offer DOES help his clients solve their current burning problem. And he KNOWS what we teach about crafting a simple, head-turning message. He’s a marketing expert himself. And he’s good at it.

But often you just can’t do for yourself what you can do for others.

Which is why wherever you see someone making rapid progress, it’s nearly certain that they’re also investing in coaching and or a mastermind for themselves.

The typical consultant, expert and entrepreneur thinks the answer is in more information. They’re always seeking the next book. The next course. The next seminar.

But that’s not what you’re missing.

Information will only give you a superficial understanding at best. You need to pursue mastery.

Thousands of people have heard me say that there are only two things that get the attention and interest of your ideal clients: (1) Talk about a problem they have and don’t want – and / or (2) about a result they want and don’t have.

But a far smaller number are implementing it successfully.

Why? Because their understanding is shallow. They ‘get it’ on a simplistic level.

But to create a consistent flow of ideal clients, you need to ‘get it’ on a deeper level. Oliver Wendell Holmes called it “simplicity on the FAR side of complexity.”

That’s where mastery – and your ideal clients – are found.

And the fastest way there is in my Plenty of Clients Mastery Program.

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