You get clients when you can see what most people can’t

man_on_mountain.jpgThe idea of ‘alchemy’ is not, as many think, turning lead into gold.

The idea is learning to see what most people can’t see – the underlying structure of a situation – and leveraging what you see into something bigger, better, greater.

What would you say, if for example, your doctor recommended a certain procedure to test you for a potentially life-threatening illness.

But some fat-cat bureaucrat a thousand miles away, who’s never met you, decides that your treatment is unnecessary.

You’d hit the roof, right?  

“The insurance companies are killing me so they can save money!”

This is exactly what happened in the nineties, surgeon and author Atul Gawande related in a recent New Yorker article.

And there was a backlash which led to more testing, more diagnoses, more surgeries…

Which turns out to be bad for us!

Gawande shares anecdotes of spines fused, thyroids removed and cardiac surgery… all unnecessarily.  None saving lives.  All altering lives, painfully, for ever.  Even of killing the patients who could have lived fine without the intervention.

But had those procedures been blocked by an insurance company representative…  My, we’d all be furious!  But we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot.


Because we’re only seeing part of the picture.  And we’re making our decisions from a place of incomplete understanding.

My point isn’t to allow insurance company clerks to dictate what procedure you do or don’t get.

My point IS that with so many areas of our lives we’re required to make expensive, life altering decisions without complete information and only superficial understanding.

There are too many people out there who have an interest in playing on our fears.  In overcomplicating what’s fundamentally simple.

And we end up running harder – only to get further from our goal.

Which explains the very different approach we take around here at The Alchemist Entrepreneur™.

The idea of alchemy, as I said, is about learning to see the underlying structure of a situation so that you can leverage it in ways you couldn’t before.

It’s about learning to see the few factors that really matter – so that you can work on a small number of things that will give you the big results.  And confidently ignore everything else.

I can’t count the number of people who’ve come to me after spending a fortune on a website that was supposed to bring them clients.   It hasn’t.

I can’t count the number of people who’ve invested in trainings, seminars, info products and coaching…  only to be left with lots of ideas that they still don’t know how to make work.

What’s the cause of all this?

The cause is skidding across the surface, always looking for the next idea, the next guru, the next person who’s going to save you… rather than taking responsibility 100% for yourself.

The cause is hoping you’ll pay someone and then things will be alright.


No one can do it for you.

And you’ve got to be able to discern between those promising you the easy way forward and those offering to lead you to MASTERY.

What you want – lies on the far side of mastery.

What you want – lies with simplicity on the far side of complexity.

What you want – lies with you committing to go deep with just a few small things that will give you the consistent flow of clients.  And having the CONFIDENCE to IGNORE everything else.

It’s this kind of thinking that lies behind my new “Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint.”

We’ve got a few spots left in the program.  And if you’ve had this nagging feeling that “I probably should do it” then you probably should do it.

If you feel like you’re running harder, but getting further from your goal, go apply for acceptance in the “Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint” now.

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